Laser Therapy for Back Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, "back pain one of the most common reason people go to the doctor, and miss work. It is also the leading cause of disability worldwide." READ MORE

There are many types of back pain and many conditions that cause back pain. Below is research for some back and neck conditions and testimonials from our patients about the efficacy of our laser treatments:

Non-specific chronic low back pain (NSCLBP)

"The results of our systematic review and meta-analysis have provided the best current evidence on LLLT for the treatment of NSCLBP. It suggests that LLLT is an effective method to relieve low back pain in patients who present with NSCLBP." SOURCE

Patient Testimonial:

"I believe it! The pain relief I had after all my sessions far exceeded any medications I was prescribed for my back pain (NSAIDs, muscle relaxers, nerve pain pills and even my TENS unit). I am a healthcare provider and was skeptical at first. I fully support this therapy!"


Herniated Discs


"Laser therapy was effective in the therapy of lumbar disc herniation. The results of the analysis showed that the intensity and frequency of pain decreased, as well as the use of painkillers. A vast improvement in global spine mobility and lumbosacral flexion and extension could be observed, too." SOURCE

Patient Testimonial:

"When I started coming to Advantage Therapy Solutions I was experiencing severe pain from two herniated discs in my lower back causing pinched sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. The pain was an 8-9 out of 10. After receiving photobiomodulation therapy, my pain down my right leg is down to a 1 most of the time. My low back pain is around 3-4 most of the time. The treatments have helped tremendously."



"Laser phototherapy accelerates and enhances axonal growth and regeneration after injury or a reconstructive peripheral nerve procedure. Laser activation of nerve cells, their growth, and axonal sprouting can be considered as potential treatment of neuronal injury." SOURCE

Patient Testimonial:

"I am so thankful for Kellie and Advantage Therapy Solutions! She has been so patient with me and figuring out exactly what protocol to use to heal the sciatic nerve issue I have had. I totally feel and understand how the light therapy not only takes away the pain but stimulates nerve and tissue healing. PBM along with physical therapy has helped me tremendously!"


Acute Back Strain


"Highly significant improvements were noted in all the groups after LLLT with respect to all the investigated parameters. The VAS scores were significantly lower in all the groups without a difference between the groups." SOURCE

Patient Testimonial:

"I severely strained my lower back last week. I was in an immense amount of pain with limited function and range of motion. I had difficulty walking, bending forward and sideways, and standing up straight. I did a whole body treatment and then laser spot treatment on my lower back around the spine. I had some relief immediately, since I could actually reach my feet to put my shoes back on myself, but was still in pain. 24hours after treatment I would say I was about 80% back to normal! I went again for 2 more whole body treatments and 2 more laser spot treatments, and I am right back to my normal self after a week. Lower back strains can take 3-4 weeks to heal, and with photobiomodulation it only took 7 days to fully recover."


Spinal Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)


"Both laser and magnet therapy reduces pain and improves mobility of the spine of people with degenerative spinedisease of the lower back. Comparison of the effectiveness of both methods showed a greater analgesic effect of laser treatment." SOURCE

Patient Testimonial:

"After 2 years of disabling arthritis in my spine that developed quickly after a car accident, all the spine specialists told me there was nothing I could do for spinal arthritis other than find the most effective pain medication. After only a few weeks of whole body treatment, my arthritis started to subside and I began to feel hours of relief, then eventually weeks, and months of being completely pain free! All I need now is whole body light therapy maintenance for 20 minutes about once every 3-4 weeks to keep the inflammation away permanently. I take no more medication and have full range of motion and zero pain when I keep up that one treatment! My kids are thrilled that I don't have to sit out of all the fun activities and I can even ride roller coasters again!"


Are you ready to put an end to your back pain? Call us NOW for a free consultation and free first treatment! (252)689-8729

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