Functional lab it right for you?

Did you know that vitamin deficiencies, gut dysfunction, and hormone imbalances could be contributing to your chronic pain, fatigue, and low mood? Dr. Wilding utilizes LabCorp panels to go beyond the traditional markers commonly tested at “check-ups” or annual physicals. Here's what he generally looks for:

Vitamin Deficiencies - Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Low Mood...Sound Like You?

Checking Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 levels to determine if a deficiency is a good first step! Vitamin deficiency can lead to lots of symptoms like chronic muscle pain, nerve pain, mood changes, and fatigue.

Thyroid - Affects Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidneys, and Skin

Do you suspect your thyroid is not functioning correctly but your labs keep coming back normal? It may be time for more extensive testing. Dr. Wilding can run a total thyroid panel that goes beyond TSH and looks at specific hormone levels such as T3/T4 that are directly secreted by the thyroid. With this information we can help you take back your thyroid health!

Inflammation - Putting Out The Fire

Treating inflammation without knowing the source is like trying to put out a fire with a squirt gun. Sure, it may have some small effect, but it isn't a long term solution. Testing systemic inflammatory markers not commonly looked at in a regular blood panel can give clues to the source of the inflammation. Identifying the source helps Dr. Wilding recommend the right fire hose to lower those inflammatory markers and provide you with pain relief and improve your quality of life.


"After years of battling ulcerative colitis that ultimately ended up in surgery and an ostomy in my mid-20s, I discovered Advantage Therapy Solutions. They spent extensive time with me getting to the bottom of what was happening in my body and why. I learned things about my health that I didn’t know before- which allowed me to take control! I have more control of my body and mind. I’m a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, colleague and leader. I’ve even opened my own Wellness business because of this experience! Noel guided me through the process and provided me tangible steps for success. My only regret is that I didn’t meet this team sooner! They’ve changed my life and I’m so grateful."


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