arthritis testimonials

Margaree, Joint Pain HEALED

I was in such pain, had gone to several doctors and did not get that much relief. I saw Advantage Therapy on channel 9 and said “you know what, I’ll give it a try”. After the first week, I thought I could feel a little bit of difference. I was unable to do my daily activities, I had paralysis of my hands and my feet. I couldn’t turn over in bed it was so bad. The first week I felt a little different. The second week was great! I really could feel the difference. I was able to turn my head. The third week was even better. On the sixth week I was 90% better and now I feel great.

Silvia, Neuropathy and Arthritis Pain Gone

When I first came I had aching pain in my right knee. I also had neuropathy and shoulder pain. As of this week my knee feels so much better. I don’t have the achiness, I have more mobility in it. 

Ronnie, Shoulder Arthritis Pain GONE

"Advantage therapy has been, the best thing for my arthritis in my shoulders. With little maintenance now I am pain free."


KB, Spinal Arthritis Pain GONE for Good!

"After 2 years of disabling arthritis in my spine that developed quickly after a car accident, all the spine specialists told me there was nothing I could do for spinal arthritis other than find the most effective pain medication. After only a few weeks of whole body treatment, my arthritis started to subside and I began to feel hours of relief, then eventually weeks, and months of being completely pain free! All I need now is whole body light therapy maintenance for 20 minutes about once every 3-4 weeks to keep the inflammation away permanently. I take no more medication and have full range of motion and zero pain when I keep up that one treatment! My kids are thrilled that I don't have to sit out of all the fun activities and I can even ride roller coasters again!"

Joan, Arthritis and Frozen Shoulder, Pain is Gone and Flexibility Restored

"Such wonderful results. My shoulder and knee are pain free. My shoulder had also lost some flexibility that has been restored. The biggest surprise was an improvement in my eyesight."

Carl, Thumb Joint Arthritis, No Longer Wearing His Splint

"Arthritis had worn away the joint in my thumb. I had to wear a splint on my thumb to relieve the pain. I enjoyed the treatments, the very informative staff, and good results I was getting. I now only go once a month for maintenance. I do not wear the splint on my thumb anymore and I DO NOT take any pain medicine! Thank you Advantage Therapy Solutions!"

Shane, Knee Arthritis, No Longer Wearing a Brace and Popping Ibuprofen

"Being an amputee for 28 years, overcoming that, and then having to deal with my good leg giving me problems was very frustrating. At the end of the day I was having to go home and sit and relax and take NSAIDS. I was having a lot of issues with knee pain. I said, why not, I'll give this a try. I don't have to wear a knee brace anymore. I'm able to go without taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours. It was life changing."

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