Nerve Conditions testimonials

Mary, Neuropathy Pain Reduced With Whole Body Pod 

I've had amazing results at Advantage Therapy Solutions with the 20 minute sessions in the pod and treatments with the hand held devices that deliver photon light. I'm not completely sure how the light works, but I DEFINITELY know the light energy WORKS!!! I had no releif for the severe neuropathy and spinal pain which I had endured for years. The prescription medications had unwanted side effects, then my provider asked me if I heard of light therapy. The sessions of light therapy gave me an opportunity finish course work until my surgery date, this was AMAZING!!! I only wish medical insurance would cover the treatments, but if I had to choose between paying for the sessions or the unbearable neuropathy pain I would choose to pay. Even after the spinal surgery I still benefit from scheduled therapy sessions that help muscular pain and PTSD symptoms. If anyone has doubt please do not hesitate and the staff at Advantage are Amazing!!!

Silvia, Neuropathy and Knee Pain Results in 2 Weeks!

When I first came to (Advantage Therapy Solutions) 2 weeks ago I had achy pain in my right knee. I’ve also had neuropathy and shoulder pain. As of this week my knee feels so much better. I don’t have the achiness, I have more mobility, and I’m walking better. 

Bill, Pain and Numbness Reduced

"Immediate positive changes after first visit. Pain and numbness reduction noticed and continues to abate. The treatments are worth my time and money and I look forward to more as they continue to address the problems other therapy hasn't."

Ashlyn, No More Pain Meds

“We are so thankful for Kellie and her sweet staff Ashlyn is no longer on any medication and she looks forward to her days at Advantage Therapy Solutions. It has increased her energy level, decreased her leg and back pain and she is doing amazingly well at this point. We went to Duke last week and they said that they would see us in a year. This is the first time in almost 4 years that we haven’t been scheduling a surgery. If she has had these results so quickly, I can only imagine how much it will continue to help her.” 

Lee, Now Able To Keep Up With His Active Kids

“I have had lower back pain for years due to three herniated discs. Nerve pain was impacting my quality of life. After weekly visits to Advantage Therapy Solutions I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve felt in over six years, and I haven’t taken so much as an Aleve for pain in the past six months."

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