Brain Condition Testimonials

Tressi, Stroke Recovery Superstar

"In April 2019 I had a seizure, stroke, and craniotomy. My left side was paralyzed.  Dr. Markandaya recommended I try ATS to help heal some of the lasting effects of the stroke. The helmet and full body pod have improved my left arm mobility.  My vision problems were corrected with prism glasses and laser therapy. I also had headaches all the time and with the use of light therapy, my headaches have lessened dramatically."

Kelly, Migraine Pain Reduced in One Treatment

"I've had one treatment that has already changed the outcome and perspective of my limited thinking.... I'm amazed to think of the future of this therapy in my healing and life!"

Debbie, More Headache Free Days Than She's Had in Five Years

"I have been suffering with chronic daily migraines for five years. Since 10/6/2017, I have received three Botox injections with minimal relief. I started Photobiomodulation (ie. PBM, Light Therapy) with Kellie Brown and Dr. Wilding on 4/12/2018. 


Dr. Wilding performed blood work and then started me on supplements. I have had more headache free days since starting PBM and the supplements than I have in five years by going to Neurologists. 


Dr. Wilding, Kellie Brown and her staff are very understanding, kind and are working hard to find the root cause of the headaches. They explain everything to you as you go through treatment. They will continue until the issues are resolved."

Amanda, Migraine Went Away Without Medicine

"Wow! I’m so thankful I finally tried a treatment with you all. I had a migraine that would not go away and went in on Friday. By the time I got back to Kinston it was gone. I’ve had migraines for a long time and have never had one go away without medicine. It was amazing that the light therapy worked so fast! Also, you were fantastic getting me in so quick! Thank you!!"

Theo, Keeps Her Migraine and Joint Pain Away With Our Treatments

"I really can’t say enough good things about the staff, facility, and the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy. I’ve been struggling for about a year with a Lyme Disease flare-up and migraines and without these light therapy treatments I think I would have spent the majority of the past year curled up in bed. Light therapy keeps my pain managed and me moving which greatly improves the quality of my life. The whole staff is incredibly kind, professional, knowledgeable and sensitive. I’m so grateful for Advantage Therapy!"

Nikki, Migraine Relief in One Treatment

"I had relief from muscle tension that triggers migraine headaches in one session. Will continue treatment sessions."

Christina, Stopped Her Migraines After 12-13 Years


“I have had issues with migraines for the past 12-13 years. I have received Botox injections to control the migraines for the last seven years. After my positive experience with laser therapy on my foot, we decided to treat my migraines as well. With laser treatments over the course of a couple of months, we were able to stop the migraines. Occasionally I still get headaches, but when I do I’m able to go in and get a treatment to keep the migraines at bay. It’s really been life changing.”

Lilian, Head to Toe Results...Literally!

"We love Advantage Therapy Solutions!! From Migraine treatment to my daughters recovery from a break in her foot they have helped so much. The staff is extremely helpful and so kind!!!"

T, Vertigo

Service is always amazing, friendly staff, clean, and helps me with vertigo -T

Tyler, Brain Injury


I am recommending this treatment to two more individuals I know with brain injuries. Brain injury is life altering. I believe that any treatment that may prove helpful should be explored. 

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