Pairing Light Therapy and Nutrition Services for Autoimmunity

Many autoimmune disorders have one thing in common: inflammation. When immune cells attack healthy tissue, it can cause inflammation and pain.

Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) has been proven to reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and even mitigate the symptoms of autoimmune disease! A 2017 study showed that light therapy improved thyroid function for patients with chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (SOURCE). Our whole body pod light therapy treatment is a relaxing, 20 minute treatment. Five specifically calibrated wavelengths of photons penetrate deep into your tissues to relieve oxidative stress, increase ATP production in your cells, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Why pair nutrition services with light therapy?

Our Functional Nutrition team, under the direction of Dr. Mathew Wilding, provides so much more than a simple meal plan because they believe that Nutrition is about so much more than a number on the scale or the foods that you eat. All of our new patients with chronic or autoimmune disease are prompted to fill out an intake form called a Metabolic Assessment. This completed assessment is an essential tool that our Nutrition team uses to screen for potential metabolic disorders or nutrient deficiencies. Based on their findings, they may recommend specific nutrient support through diet changes and supplementation, or request various labs that offer more insight about what may be going on biochemically. This individualized plan is designed to help the complex systems in your body to function optimally, because our Nutrition team knows that every system works cohesively to either encourage or discourage disease risk. Think of it this way: your body's check engine light is on, and our Nutrition team is equipped to run diagnostics, identify the problem(s), and then put into action a plan that works to repair the dysfunctions.

Normally $ only $280!

Now through the end of October 2020, Advantage Therapy Solutions is offering a 20% discount on our Autoimmune Services Bundle! Here's what you get:

ONE MONTH of Unlimited Whole Body light therapy treatments to reduce inflammation


Nutrition consultation to provide you with an individualized nutrition plan to support your body's optimal function

Want more information? Call us at (252)689-8729 or text us at (252)645-6127!

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