The Mom Protocol

Mothering is hard work, and that hard work can lead to lower back strain. We see this so often at Advantage Therapy Solutions that we have a handheld treatment protocol for it. It's unofficial name? The Mom Protocol.

First, we send that sweet Mama to the pod for a relaxing, 20 minute whole body treatment, because we know she needs a nap. Our sound therapy system calms her mind while wavelength specific photo energy passes deep into her tissues. Then we bring her to the handheld laser room where she lies face down on our table to receive a 30 minute handheld laser treatment. By the end of the treatment her lower back muscles feel more relaxed, and she feels rejuvenated.

Patient Testimonials:

"I’m a runner and a mom of two young girls. Years of exercise and holding children has slowly started to create a tightness in my lower back. Like most moms, I just thought most of this is what comes with age. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. It wasn’t until Kellie treated my lower back that I realized how complacent I had been! The days following my treatment, my back felt like it did before my pregnancies. It exceeded my expectations and I can’t believe how good I feel."


"I severely strained my lower back last week. I was in an immense amount of pain with limited function and range of motion. I had difficulty walking, bending forward and sideways, and standing up straight. I had some relief immediately, since I could actually reach my feet to put my shoes back on myself, but was still in pain. 24 hours after treatment I would say I was about 80% back to normal! I went again for 2 more whole body treatments and 2 more laser spot treatments, and I am right back to my normal self after a week. Lower back strains can take 3-4 weeks to heal, and with photobiomodulation it only took 7 days to fully recover."


"I wish I could truly express how much I appreciate this place. I strained my lower back pretty severely, I could barely walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to move. Within 3 sessions I had no pain. A week from the initial injury I had no pain, but a little session after that and the stiffness was gone, too. I am flabbergasted over how quickly the light therapy helped me. Bonus, it helped my carpal tunnel and depression!"


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