Acne Treatment...Money Back Guarantee!

We are pleased to announce our first Acne Treatment Package, complete with a money back guarantee!

In separate studies, LED therapy and the topical use of melaleuca have been shown to be effective at reducing acne symptoms. We are now able to pair these treatments together for maximum benefit.

Our acne treatment package consists of 5 whole body treatments along with topical melaleuca treatment for $250. If you don't see results after five treatments, we refund you. It's that simple. How much are you spending now to treat your acne? What if you could be acne free after 5 treatments?

Gift cards are available if you want to give the gift of clearer skin to a loved one! Call us today for more information! (252)689-8729

Source: LED Acne Treatment

Source: Melaleuca for Acne

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