Photobiomodulation for Athletes

A 2016 study in the Journal of Athletic Training analyzed the acute effects of using LEDs and super pulsed lasers to enhance athletic performance in a group of men. Two groups of men were put to the test on the treadmill. One group received photobiomodulation beforehand, on did not. The results speak for themselves.

The placebo group covered an average distance of 1.84 km before exhaustion, while the treated group covered an average distance of 1.94 km before exhaustion. The time they were able to stay on the treadmill was also longer for the treated group. Participants in the treated group reported feeling less dyspnea (labored breathing).

You can read more about this study HERE.

A meta-analysis of photobiomodulation studies found that again and again, phototherapy improved athletic performance and reduced muscle fatigue. You can read about it HERE. Here at Advantage Therapy Solutions, we know that athletes in Greenville, NC are always looking for an extra edge. Come see us to use the same phototherapy equipment that the Philadelphia Eagles use! We're not saying that the whole body pod won them the Super Bowl, but you can draw your own conclusions.

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