Surgical Recovery


"I had a bicep surgery at the beginning of the year. It was supposed to be a 12 month recovery and 6 months in I'm lifting and basically back to normal."



Shoulder pain Testimonials

Josh, Dramatically Reduced Muscle Pain

"Was recommended by a friend to try out Advantage Therapy. I decided to see if it would help with muscle and tendon pain in my chest that I've been dealing with for months. After only a couple of the laser therapy sessions with Dr. Wilding, I have been able to get back in the gym to exercise my chest with dramatically reduced pain. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know!"

Edie, Shoulder and Hip Pain Reduced


"Advantage Therapy Solutions is great. The laser treatment on my injured shoulder has reduced my pain and improved my functionality. The whole body pod has also reduced my hip pain. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Wilding is awesome. The functional medicine treatment he recommended for me has improved my symptoms. I highly recommend them."

Wes, Healed Quickly After Surgery

"I had bicep surgery at the beginning of the year. It was a 12 month recovery and 6 months in I’m lifting and basically back to normal. I’m 95% back to normal."

Risa, Relief From Shoulder Pain After 15 Weeks

15 weeks of pain without a diagnosis. I have had a MRI, Xrays, blood work, multiple specialist visits, tons of muscle relaxers, pain meds and tons of money spent. So far, Advantage Therapy has been the only thing to give me hours of relief through phototherapy. It really does provide some relief even without a diagnosis. I bet if I had a diagnosis, they could really tailor it to provide me long lasting relief. I recommend you to try it. Wish I heard about them sooner.

Joan, Arthritis and Frozen Shoulder, Pain is Gone and Flexibility Restored

"Such wonderful results. My shoulder and knee are pain free. My shoulder had also lost some flexibility that has been restored. The biggest surprise was an improvement in my eyesight."

Ronnie, Shoulder Arthritis Pain GONE

"Advantage therapy has been, the best thing for my arthritis in my shoulders. With little maintenance now I am pain free."

Greg, Shoulder Not As Sore After First Treatment!

"I have noticed that after my treatment this morning that I feel more energized and my shoulder isn’t sore anymore."

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