whole body light therapy

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how does it work?

Light and laser therapies reduce inflammation and increase circulation.



What wavelengths do our devices use and what do they do in the body?


Hundreds of published studies show the efficacy of our treatments!


We'll let our patients tell you why you should give laser therapy a try.


Our whole bod pod contains 5 wavelengths of light emitting diodes specifically calibrated to accelerate your body's own healing mechanisms through a process called photobiomodulation.  










Patient Testimonials

Rachel, Full Of Energy and Totally Refreshed!

"It is truly amazing! The session is relaxing to the point where I fall asleep within the 20 mins. But shortly after I get out, I feel full of energy and totally refreshed!! The science makes total sense. Light therapy is just what I need to counteract the everyday "pollution" I cant help but be subjected to as I go through life. I cant always eat the best and purest foods, or breathe the freshest air. I cant hide from the stresses of life, or things that cause me anxiety. But I can get relief from these things, in only 20 minutes and feel the way I'm supposed to feel; Happy, energetic, and clear headed! Love Advantage Therapy Solutions and the affordable, totally safe, treatment that they offer!! Thank you!

Ashlyn, No More Pain Meds

"Ashlyn is no longer on any medication and she looks forward to her days at Advantage Therapy Solutions. It has increased her energy level, decreased her leg and back pain and she is doing amazingly well at this point. We went to Duke last week and they said that they would see us in a year. This is the first time in almost 4 years that we haven’t been scheduling a surgery. If she has had these results so quickly, I can only imagine how much it will continue to help her. Thank you Kellie for affording us the opportunity to experience this therapy"

Debra, Healing From Skin Procedures Quickly Through Whole Body Pod Treatments

"After living in the desert southwest for most of my life, I now have to make regular visits to the dermatologist to have pre-cancerous (non-melanoma) and cancerous removal procedures performed. I noticed that since I have been using the light therapy pod 2x a week, the process of healing from these procedures is much quicker and leaves less scarring. Yesterday I had to have a suspicious spot removed from my face, so I am relieved to know that the healing process is going to be quicker because of my light therapy treatments!"

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