Light and Laser therapy for Weightlifters

Can phototherapy enhance muscle performance, shorten recovery time and build mental and physical stamina?


You don't have to take it from us, check out this amazing testimonial from USA Olympic Weightlifting Competitor and International Qualifier Meagan Whitson:

“My current training cycle has been very strength intensive, so for me to even be coming close to hitting PRs is a huge deal. My body should be more fatigued and worn down from the strength work, but I actually feel recovered and fresh. This is all thanks to whole body laser therapy.”

If you are a weightlifter in any capacity, chances are you have left many workouts feeling just as sore and exhausted as you do accomplished. Whether you deal with fatigue, lack of motivation, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), aching joints or an injury that just will not go away...phototherapy can help.

The whole body pod decreases lactic acid buildup, creating quicker recovery time, helping to prevent DOMS and boosting performance. It is an asset for many lifters aiming to increase peak torque and mental awareness during training sessions.


Muscle Recovery

“We investigated whether low-level laser therapy (LLLT) prior to or post resistance exercise could attenuate muscle damage and inflammation.”

"These data indicate that LLLT prior to or post resistance exercise can reduce muscle damage and inflammation, resulting in muscle recovery improvement." --SOURCE

Performance Enhancement

“The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of PBMT in performance and recovery of high-level rugby players during an anaerobic field test.”

"Photobiomodulation therapy significantly improved the average time of sprints and fatigue index in BST. It also significantly decreased percentage of change in blood lactate levels and perceived fatigue of high-level rugby players in field test."-- SOURCE

“The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of pre-exercise low-level phototherapy in increasing exercise capacity and muscle performance of people undergoing exercise when compared to placebo treatment.”

"Pre-exercise PBMT with the combination of super-pulsed laser (low-level laser), red LEDs, and infrared LEDs can enhance performance and accelerate recovery

Improvement of number of repetitions, delay in time to exhaustion, reduction in lactate levels and increased peak torque were observed when LASER therapy was applied."


If you are looking for an athletic edge, why haven't you tried this yet? Call us today for a free consultation and a free first treatment so we can show you how effective our treatments are!

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