Laser Therapy for Surgical Patients

Getting surgery? This post is for you! You might already know the benefits of laser therapy for post surgical pain and inflammation, but did you know that laser therapy BEFORE surgery has been shown to decrease healing time and decrease inflammation and pain?

Pre-conditioning the body before surgery to protect against tissue damage is a growing area of interest in the medical field. Many modalities are being investigated, including:

-ischemia-depriving organ of blood

-hyperbaric oxygen-breathing 100% oxygen in high atmospheric pressure

-hypothermia-exposure to extreme cold

-hyperthermia-elevating body temperature

-Laser Therapy (PBM)-exposing the body to red or near-infrared light

The thinking behind this is that pre-treating the body with a low level of stressful stimulus will produce a protective response, mitigating subsequent major damage from surgery, heart attack, stroke, or injury. This is also called the biphasic dose response.

Other modalities can be uncomfortable and invasive, whereas laser therapy is non-invasive, safe, and has ZERO side effects!

Laser therapy has been shown to protect the body against many kinds of damage, including:

  • Exercise-induced muscle damage

  • Damage after a heart attack

  • Ultraviolet damage

  • Wound infections and scarring

Laser therapy also protects the cells from toxins, improves inflammation, and has analgesic effects. AND it's safe, pain-free, and affordable.

The evidence suggests that if you're planning to have surgery, you should be getting laser therapy NOW.

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