Updated: May 19

Dear Patients and Clients, This is Kellie Brown, co-owner of Advantage Therapy Solutions.  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying peace in new ways through this crisis.  I want to personally thank you all for your support and compliance.   We are thankful to be able to continue serving you with essential health care appointments under the strictest new guidelines and hope you will use us to be your trusted advisors on protecting and boosting your immune systems!  There has never been a more important time to get your body into optimal health. 

How is ATS keeping patients safe?



  • MINIMAL CONTACT handheld laser therapy sessions or chiropractic adjustments by trained professionals using masks, gloves and the highest level of sanitation methods. 

  • VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS for light therapy, nutrition or functional medicine.

How can you help?

SHARE I ask for your help in sharing our posts, emails or website with your friends and family so that we can continue to serve this community in flattening the curve!  SUPPLEMENTS We have the best immune supportive supplements recommended by Dr. Mathew Wilding and our Nutritionist, Noel Smith.  If you are able, please consider purchasing curbside to deliver these important supplements to anyone that should not or cannot leave home.   Both Dr. Wilding and Noel recommend that we boost our consumption of these specific organic compounds to make our immune systems as strong as possible during this viral outbreak. 

  1. TRIZOMAL GLUTATHIONE to strengthen host defense of the lungs, specifically against infection.

  2. OMEGACO3 and ULTRA D 5000 for increased immune cell activation.

  3. SIBIOTICA a probiotic to strengthen the communication of the microbiome to the immune system to improve systemic immune response to pathogens and infection. 

To learn more or see specific studies and evidence-based research to support these compounds, check out Noel’s article on this topic. Schedule a Virtual Appoinment

We are offering FREE virtual or phone consultations to develop light and laser therapy treatment protocols or new condition assessments

  • Know someone who would benefit from laser therapy? Have them schedule a FREE first consult virtually! 

  • Get updated information about your treatment plan!

We are also offering phone or virtual zoom appointments for Nutrition Counseling and Functional Medicine I can’t thank you enough for your support of ATS and compliance in flattening this curve as fast as possible!  ~Kellie Brown


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