Phototherapy For Autoimmune Disorders

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

According to the AARD, one in 5 Americans have autoimmune diseases. That's over 50 million people! Many autoimmune disorders have one thing in common: inflammation. When immune cells attack healthy tissue, it can cause inflammation and pain. Researchers have been studying ways to mitigate inflammation and pain in patients with autoimmune diseases with light and laser therapy. Read what they have to say!


"LLLT is a promising therapeutic, particularly for those diseases of skin and joints because they are most accessible to treatment. Indeed, the known mechanisms of LLLT support its use for anti-inflammatory purposes, as well as stimulation of tissue growth and repair. Although the standard of care for the majority of inflammatory diseases is immunosuppressive agents such as corticosteroids with undesirable toxicities, LLLT offers a unique approach by being non-invasive and incurring minimal side effects." SOURCE

Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis

"The RCT showed evidence that LLLT promoted the following: (a) an improvement in thyroid function, as indicated by the reduction in the dose of LT4 used to treat hypothyroidism; (b) a reduction in serum anti-TPO concentrations; and (c) improvement in the echogenicity, volume, and thyroid vascularization pattern in CDU [6, 7]. Such results suggest that LLLT may be an interesting alternative for the treatment of CAT-induced hypothyroidism." SOURCE

Rheumatoid Arthritis

"We can conclude that LLLT is able to modulate inflammatory response both in early as well as in late progression stages of RA." SOURCE


"After LLLT or sham treatment, the number of tender points was significantly reduced in both groups. However, all other fibromyalgia symptoms showed significant improvements after LLLT compared to placebo. LLLT provided relief from fibromyalgia symptoms in patients." SOURCE

At Advantage Therapy Solutions we treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms. With our light and laser therapies plus Dr. Wilding's functional medicine, we have helped many patients with autoimmune diseases get back to healthy function. Just listen to what our patient Carolyn has to say:

Patient Testimonial

"I came to Advantage with horrible joint pain, numbness, and dizziness post-Lyme disease. I was scared and medicine was not helping. These clinicians are SO compassionate and kind. They encouraged me and gave me the highest quality of care. These people are in it to make sure YOU HEAL! Photobiomodulation works and it gave me my body back. I am graduating in May with my masters from ECU. If I had not found ATS, I would have had to stop my program."


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