Surgical Recovery - "I had a bicep surgery at the beginning of the year. It was supposed to be a 12 month recovery and 6 months in I'm lifting and basically back to normal."


Arthritis - "Before treatment I couldn't make a fist. Now look!"   -George


Carl, Herniated Disc and Lumbar Spine Arthritis...No Pain Meds

"I have been treated at Advantage Therapy Solutions for about a year. I came in for a herniated disc, arthritis in my spine and arthritis that had worn away the joint in my thumb. I had to wear a splint on my thumb to relieve the pain. I enjoyed the treatments, the very informative staff, and good results I was getting. I now only go once a month for maintenance. I do not wear the splint on my thumb anymore and I DO NOT take any pain medicine! Thank you Advantage Therapy Solutions!"   

Laura, Pinched Sciatic Nerve Pain went down from a 9/10 to a 3/10

"When I started coming to Advantage Therapy Solutions I was experiencing severe pain from two herniated discs in my lower back causing pinched sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. The pain was an 8-9 out of 10. After receiving photobiomodulation therapy, my pain down my right leg is down to a 1 most of the time. My low back pain is around 3-4 most of the time. The treatments have helped tremendously! Everyone at Advantage Therapy Solutions has been wonderful. They all really care about their patients, are very knowledgeable, and listen to how you're responding to treatments. I highly recommend them!"  

Ashli, Herniated Disc and Sciatica, Pain and Mood Improved

"I have been dealing with low back issues (herniated disc and sciatica) for months now. I look forward to each visit! Everyone is so sweet and you know they really care about your health and well-being. I was skeptical at first, I will not deny. But, my pain is significantly better after my visits as well as my overall mood. If you have an injury, chronic pain, recent surgery, migraines, so much more come in for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose!"  

Kat, Strained Lower Back, Out of Pain in 3 Treatments

"I wish I could truly express how much I appreciate this place. I strained my lower back pretty severely, I could barely walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to move. Within 3 sessions I had no pain. A week from the initial injury I had no pain, but a little session after that and the stiffness was gone, too. I am flabbergasted over how quickly the light therapy helped me. Bonus, it helped my carpal tunnel and depression!"  

Katie, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Laser Therapy Plus Physical Therapy Was Her Solution

"I am so thankful for Kellie and Advantage Therapy Solutions! She has been so patient with me and figuring out exactly what protocol to use to heal the sciatic nerve issue I have had. I totally feel and understand how the light therapy not only takes away the pain but stimulates nerve and tissue healing. PBM along with physical therapy has helped me tremendously! Because Kellie is so thorough she listened to some other things I have been experiencing and used light therapy to help with healing other parts of my body (knee, plantar fasciitis and anxiety)!"  

Ashley, Lower Back Tightness, Can't Believe How Good She Feels

"I’m a runner and a mom of two young girls. Years of exercise and holding children has slowly started to create a tightness in my lower back. Like most moms, I just thought most of this is what comes with age. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. It wasn’t until Kellie treated my lower back that I realized how complacent I had been! The days following my treatment, my back felt like it did before my pregnancies. It exceeded my expectations and I can’t believe how good I feel."

Lindsay, Lower Back Strain, Immense Pain was reduced in 24 Hours

"I severely strained my lower back last week. I was in an immense amount of pain with limited function and range of motion. I had difficulty walking, bending forward and sideways, and standing up straight. When nothing I was doing was giving me any relief, I called Kellie. She quickly got me in the office to start treatments. I did a whole body treatment and then laser spot treatment on my lower back around the spine. I had some relief immediately, since I could actually reach my feet to put my shoes back on myself, but was still in pain. 24 hours after treatment I would say I was about 80% back to normal! I went again for 2 more whole body treatments and 2 more laser spot treatments, and I am right back to my normal self after a week. Lower back strains can take 3-4 weeks to heal, and with photobiomodulation it only took 7 days to fully recover."

Amanda, Lived With Back Pain For Years Until She Found Us

"I am so grateful to have found Advantage Therapy Solutions - I have lived with back pain for years, with various treatments providing some relief, but this is the first time I've felt *better*. I also suffer from sinus issues (thanks allergies) and I have had a headache for a couple of days - one treatment this morning and headache gone."

Mc C, Chronic back pain improved after just 3 weeks

"The treatment is Wonderful! Staff are friendly and very accommodating. I've been receiving treatment for chronic back pain for about 3 weeks. I have had very positive results and look forward for continued success."

Margaree, Joint Pain HEALED

I was in such pain, had gone to several doctors and did not get that much relief. I saw Advantage Therapy on channel 9 and said “you know what, I’ll give it a try”. After the first week, I thought I could feel a little bit of difference. I was unable to do my daily activities, I had paralysis of my hands and my feet. I couldn’t turn over in bed it was so bad. The first week I felt a little different. The second week was great! I really could feel the difference. I was able to turn my head. The third week was even better. On the sixth week I was 90% better and now I feel great.

Silvia, Neuropathy and Arthritis Pain Gone

When I first came I had aching pain in my right knee. I also had neuropathy and shoulder pain. As of this week my knee feels so much better. I don’t have the achiness, I have more mobility in it. 

Ronnie, Shoulder Arthritis Pain GONE

"Advantage therapy has been, the best thing for my arthritis in my shoulders. With little maintenance now I am pain free."


KB, Spinal Arthritis Pain GONE for Good!

"After 2 years of disabling arthritis in my spine that developed quickly after a car accident, all the spine specialists told me there was nothing I could do for spinal arthritis other than find the most effective pain medication. After only a few weeks of whole body treatment, my arthritis started to subside and I began to feel hours of relief, then eventually weeks, and months of being completely pain free! All I need now is whole body light therapy maintenance for 20 minutes about once every 3-4 weeks to keep the inflammation away permanently. I take no more medication and have full range of motion and zero pain when I keep up that one treatment! My kids are thrilled that I don't have to sit out of all the fun activities and I can even ride roller coasters again!"

Joan, Arthritis and Frozen Shoulder, Pain is Gone and Flexibility Restored

"Such wonderful results. My shoulder and knee are pain free. My shoulder had also lost some flexibility that has been restored. The biggest surprise was an improvement in my eyesight."

Carl, Thumb Joint Arthritis, No Longer Wearing His Splint

"Arthritis had worn away the joint in my thumb. I had to wear a splint on my thumb to relieve the pain. I enjoyed the treatments, the very informative staff, and good results I was getting. I now only go once a month for maintenance. I do not wear the splint on my thumb anymore and I DO NOT take any pain medicine! Thank you Advantage Therapy Solutions!"

Shane, Knee Arthritis, No Longer Wearing a Brace and Popping Ibuprofen

"Being an amputee for 28 years, overcoming that, and then having to deal with my good leg giving me problems was very frustrating. At the end of the day I was having to go home and sit and relax and take NSAIDS. I was having a lot of issues with knee pain. I said, why not, I'll give this a try. I don't have to wear a knee brace anymore. I'm able to go without taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours. It was life changing."



Lily, Hip Pain Gone

"Lily was having pain in her hips from Monday and after working with Hallie it was completely gone. Lily was amazed how well it worked!! I’m loving the pod treatments too!!!"

Liz, Chronic Knee Pain Gone From Using The Whole Body Pod

"I've had chronic knee pain for a while since playing sports hard in high school. Since I started using the pod twice a week, I haven't had any knee pain, not even with pressure changes from weather!"

KB, Knee Fracture Pain Gone From Using Whole Body Pod

"I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my knee. It was extremely painful to walk on and my doctor suggested that I stay off of it completely. I felt it tingling every time I did whole body treatments and slightly less pain after each one. After 2 1/2 weeks of whole body with only one laser treatment, my knee never hurt again. A stress fracture completely healed in 2 1/2 weeks and I was walking and running on it with no pain during the 3rd week!"

Bruce, Post Hip Replacement, Now Walking Faster With Better Posture, Less Pain

"I am 65 years old, and in November 2016 I had hip replacement surgery. Even though I had a great recovery, within the last 6 months I started to feel muscles in the hip area tighten up, and it was harder to physically work, and I had low energy. After 2 weeks of light therapy, I had greater range of motion and less pain in the muscle area. I am now walking with better posture and at a much faster pace. I have also gained better range of motion in my shoulders and arms. I have also noticed that I have a lot more stamina. This therapy is something that I will continue to do for my physical health for the rest of my life."

Terry, Healed Quickly From Hip Replacement Surgery Thanks To Treatments Pre and Post Op

"My first experience with light therapy was direct treatments to the hip area prior to hip replacement surgery. I had three treatments and then went into surgery the following week. Surgery went very well and I followed up with more treatments.

I as well as the doctor and home care nurse were very impressed with how quickly I healed."

Stephanie, Reduced Hip Pain and Increased Range Of Motion

"I have had hip problems for the last six months. I have been to multiple doctors and specialists. There was nothing found as the root of the problem. I had very limited movement when I started treatment. After several visits, I have increased range of motion and reduced pain."

Kim, Relief After One Visit!

"The staff are super friendly. I am very impressed with the relief I got after just one visit. My neck stays stiff with spasms and it relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long. Also feel like the bed is helping my KP and I’ve never had anything help it."

Paige, Got Treatment Directly After Car Accident, Pain Gone in Hours

"I walked in to Advantage Therapy Solutions with significant neck pain following a car accident.  Thirty minutes after treatment, the discomfort was reduced by half.   Within hours, I regained the ability to turn my neck without pain.  By that evening, I could hardly tell that the soreness ever existed.  The experience was truly amazing!  Thank you."

Bob, Our Wise Cracking Patient Whose Results Keep Him Smiling!

"In March of 2018 I started going to Advantage Therapy Solutions and I was diagnosed by Kellie and Alida with 'Rice Crispy Disease' that caused my neck to Snap, Crackle, and Pop. My neck hurt so bad I could hardly turn my head. After a few treatments I was able to turn my head and neck without pain. Thanks to Advantage Therapy Solutions, I'm 100% better."


Kelly, Migraine Pain Reduced in One Treatment

"I've had one treatment that has already changed the outcome and perspective of my limited thinking.... I'm amazed to think of the future of this therapy in my healing and life!"

Debbie, More Headache Free Days Than She's Had in Five Years

"I have been suffering with chronic daily migraines for five years. Since 10/6/2017, I have received three Botox injections with minimal relief. I started PhotoBioModulation (ie. PBM, Light Therapy) with Kellie Brown and Dr. Wilding on 4/12/2018. 


Dr. Wilding performed blood work and then started me on supplements. I have had more headache free days since starting PBM and the supplements than I have in five years by going to Neuologists. 


Dr. Wilding, Kellie Brown and her staff are very understanding, kind and are working hard to find the root cause of the headaches. They explain everything to you as you go through treatment. They will continue until the issues are resolved."

Amanda, Migraine Went Away Without Medicine

"Wow! I’m so thankful I finally tried a treatment with you all. I had a migraine that would not go away and went in on Friday. By the time I got back to Kinston it was gone. I’ve had migraines for a long time and have never had one go away without medicine. It was amazing that the light therapy worked so fast! Also, you were fantastic getting me in so quick! Thank you!!"

Theo, Keeps Her Pain Away With Our Treatments

"I really can’t say enough good things about the staff, facility, and the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy. I’ve been struggling for about a year with a Lyme Disease flare-up and without these light therapy treatments I think I would have spent the majority of the past year curled up in bed. Light therapy keeps my pain managed and me moving which greatly improves the quality of my life. The whole staff is incredibly kind, professional, knowledgeable and sensitive. I’m so grateful for Advantage Therapy!"

Nikki, Relief in One Treatment

"I had relief from muscle tension that triggers migraine headaches in one session. Will continue treatment sessions."

Christina, Stopped Her Migraines After 12-13 Years


“I have had issues with migraines for the past 12-13 years. I have received Botox injections to control the migraines for the last seven years. After my positive experience with laser therapy on my foot, we decided to treat my migraines as well. With laser treatments over the course of a couple of months, we were able to stop the migraines. Occasionally I still get headaches, but when I do I’m able to go in and get a treatment to keep the migraines at bay. It’s really been life changing.”


Jan, Foot Fracture Healed and Pain Free

"The healing of my broken foot is somewhat of a miracle! I was told it would take up to a year for a broken foot to heal. I wore a corrective shoe and received light therapy 2x per week for 11-12 weeks before I stopped wearing the shoe. Definite closing of the bone was apparent on x-ray after only 7 months!  My foot no longer gives me any trouble."

Clay, Plantar Fasciitis Pain Gone in No Time

"Great Staff! I can believe how much better i feel after my treatments!! Fixed my plantar fasciitis in no time! So much more effective and less expensive than other treatments I’ve tried."

Joyce, Very Little Pain and Improving Daily

"My plantar fasciitis has improved greatly through the Advantage Therapy Solutions sessions. Very little pain and improving daily!"

Christina, Avoided Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis

“Last summer I was having issues with plantar fasciitis and I ended up in a boot on my foot for about nine weeks. I received three cortisone shot treatments over the course of three months but I had no relief. During that time a fibroma developed on the bottom of my foot. It was about the size of a golf ball and it was very painful to walk on. The podiatrist I was seeing at the time was ready to do surgery to remove the fibroma. Wanting to avoid surgery I turned to an alternative treatment of laser therapy with some apprehension and skepticism. After just four treatments the fibroma was completely gone and I was walking without the boot with significantly less pain.”




Josh, Dramatically Reduced Muscle Pain

"Was recommended by a friend to try out Advantage Therapy. I decided to see if it would help with muscle and tendon pain in my chest that I've been dealing with for months. After only a couple of the laser therapy sessions with Dr. Wilding, I have been able to get back in the gym to exercise my chest with dramatically reduced pain. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know!"

Edie, Shoulder and Hip Pain Reduced


"Advantage Therapy Solutions is great. The laser treatment on my injured shoulder has reduced my pain and improved my functionality. The whole body pod has also reduced my hip pain. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Wilding is awesome. The functional medicine treatment he recommended for me has improved my symptoms. I highly recommend them."

Wes, Healed Quickly After Surgery

"I had bicep surgery at the beginning of the year. It was a 12 month recovery and 6 months in I’m lifting and basically back to normal. I’m 95% back to normal."

Risa, Relief From Shoulder Pain After 15 Weeks

15 weeks of pain without a diagnosis. I have had a MRI, Xrays, blood work, multiple specialist visits, tons of muscle relaxers, pain meds and tons of money spent. So far, Advantage Therapy has been the only thing to give me hours of relief through phototherapy. It really does provide some relief even without a diagnosis. I bet if I had a diagnosis, they could really tailor it to provide me long lasting relief. I recommend you to try it. Wish I heard about them sooner.

Ellie, Dance Class Injury, 100% Better After One Treatment

"My daughter rolled her ankle in dance class. She was limping and it was visibly swollen. I brought her in for a treatment, and after that treatment it was already feeling a little better. The next morning she woke up and it felt 100% better and it looked like it had never happened. No bruising, no swelling!" 

Karis, Pain In Ankle For Over A Year...Gone!

"My daughter has had pain in her ankle for over a year! It would come and go, but it hurt most of the time. We went as far to have an x-ray taken, but there wasn't anything the doctors could do for her other than tell her to stretch it out. After two weeks of being treated by Kellie with the hand held device, her ankle doesn't hurt any more. In fact, it hasn't hurt in over a month and a half, which is longer than she's ever gone before. We are so thankful for the healing that has taken place in such a low risk manner!"

Charlotte, Bruised Face Significantly Improved After One Treatment

"My daughter had bruising, swelling, and a headache after hitting her head on a metal sign. One hour after her treatment her headache was gone, her swelling was down, and the next day her bruise was almost gone!"

Ashlyn, No More Pain Meds

“We are so thankful for Kellie and her sweet staff Ashlyn is no longer on any medication and she looks forward to her days at Advantage Therapy Solutions. It has increased her energy level, decreased her leg and back pain and she is doing amazingly well at this point. We went to Duke last week and they said that they would see us in a year. This is the first time in almost 4 years that we haven’t been scheduling a surgery. If she has had these results so quickly, I can only imagine how much it will continue to help her. Thank you Kellie for affording us the opportunity to experience this therapy.” 

Bailey, Gymnastics Super Star Pain Free

"I hurt my back in gymnastics and couldn't do my back handspring. Then I got a few treatments and it felt better pretty quickly. Now I can do level seven training four hours a day, four days a week with no back pain."

Lilian, Foot Fracture Recovery

"We love Advantage Therapy Solutions!! From Migraine treatment to my daughters recovery from a break in her foot they have helped so much. The staff is extremely helpful and so kind!!!"




Rachel, Full Of Energy and Totally Refreshed!

"It is truly amazing! The session is relaxing to the point where I fall asleep within the 20 mins. But shortly after I get out, I feel full of energy and totally refreshed!! The science makes total sense. Light therapy is just what I need to counteract the everyday "pollution" I cant help but be subjected to as I go through life. I cant always eat the best and purest foods, or breathe the freshest air. I cant hide from the stresses of life, or things that cause me anxiety. But I can get relief from these things, in only 20 minutes and feel the way I'm supposed to feel; Happy, energetic, and clear headed! Love Advantage Therapy Solutions and the affordable, totally safe, treatment that they offer!! Thank you!"

Dr. Aboka, Tennis Elbow Pain Gone In One Treatment

"Awesome experience!! As an orthopedic surgeon I was somewhat skeptical of the cold laser technology, but I was impressed when I got almost complete relief of my tennis elbow after one treatment. Kellie and Dr. Wilding are great and extremely knowledgeable, and follow proven protocols to ensure a successful treatment. The LED chamber is fantastic, and a must, if you need to get rid of general aches and pains. I wish I had known about this technology earlier... many of my patients would have recovered much faster. Great facility, Professional staff, Cutting-edge technology that Works....without the cutting."

Debra, Healing From Skin Procedures Quickly Through Whole Body Pod Treatments

"After living in the desert southwest for most of my life, I now have to make regular visits to the dermatologist to have pre-cancerous (non-melanoma) and cancerous removal procedures performed. I noticed that since I have been using the light therapy pod 2x a week, the process of healing from these procedures is much quicker and leaves less scarring. Yesterday I had to have a suspicious spot removed from my face, so I am relieved to know that the healing process is going to be quicker because of my light therapy treatments!"

Jaclyn, Getting To The Root Of Health Concerns With Functional Medicine

"LOVE! They spend so much time with you and try to get to the root cause of all your health concerns. Love the laser therapy treatments. I can seriously tell a difference right away. Great staff, clean and affordable."

Carolyn, Joint Pain And Numbness Gone

"I came to Advantage with horrible joint pain, numbness, and dizziness post-Lyme disease. I was scared and medicine was not helping. These clinicians are SO compassionate and kind. They encouraged me and gave me the highest quality of care. These people are in it to make sure YOU HEAL! Photobiomodulation works and it gave me my body back. I am graduating in May with my masters from ECU. If I had not found ATS, I would have had to stop my program."

Bruce, Iron Man Triathlete

“I did notice after my 4th session in the full body pod, which was the day after a high volume/high intensity run, I felt a noticeable increase in energy and decrease in soreness/fatigue. On a scale of 1-10 I felt soreness went from a 7 to a 2. I would definitely use the light therapy for recovery from long and intense workouts where soreness is an issue.”

Bill, Pain and Numbness Reduced

"Immediate positive changes after first visit. Pain and numbness reduction noticed and continues to abate. The treatments are worth my time and money and I look forward to more as they continue to address the problems other therapy hasn't."

Sue, Wonderful Results!

"I have experienced wonderful results from Atvantage Therapy Solutions. I always look forward to my sessions."

Ashley, Fantastic Experience

"Fantastic experience. Kellie is passionate about her ability to help those in pain. It is reassuring to know and use this alternative to surgery and have control over my health."

Judy, Out Of Pain

"Thanks for caring so much and doing everything you can to get me out of pain! You have a beautiful office and it's very clean and welcoming! THANK YOU!!!"

Steve, Effective Treatment, Courteous Staff

They offer treatment that is customized to your specific needs and pain that you are experiencing. It's a very professional and effective treatment program administered by a courteous, well trained staff that makes you feel right at home!



Mary, Neuropathy Pain Reduced With Whole Body Pod 

I've had amazing results at Advantage Therapy Solutions with the 20 minute sessions in the pod and treatments with the hand held devices that deliver photon light. I'm not completely sure how the light works, but I DEFINITELY know the light energy WORKS!!! I had no releif for the severe neuropathy and spinal pain which I had endured for years. The prescription medications had unwanted side effects, then my provider asked me if I heard of light therapy. The sessions of light therapy gave me an opportunity finish course work until my surgery date, this was AMAZING!!! I only wish medical insurance would cover the treatments, but if I had to choose between paying for the sessions or the unbearable neuropathy pain I would choose to pay. Even after the spinal surgery I still benefit from scheduled therapy sessions that help muscular pain and PTSD symptoms. If anyone has doubt please do not hesitate and the staff at Advantage are Amazing!!!

Silvia, Neuropathy and Knee Pain Results in 2 Weeks!

When I first came to (Advantage Therapy Solutions) 2 weeks ago I had achy pain in my right knee. I’ve also had neuropathy and shoulder pain. As of this week my knee feels so much better. I don’t have the achiness, I have more mobility, and I’m walking better. 


Hip and Knee Pain

NECk pain


foot pain

Shoulder and Chest pain




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