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This department was created with a mission to separate the truths of holistic nutrition from the trends of diet culture in an effort to create evidence-based and achievable wellness protocol tailored to fit every patient's lifestyle. 


Whether you’re seeking help with metabolic issues, chronic pain, autoimmune disease and chronic disease management and prevention, nutrition counseling can benefit you! You will be individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive program that will walk you through a series of simple steps to achieve your unique goals. 

Just looking to eat better? Noel, our certified nutritionist, can help you create an eating plan personalized to your goals and needs.



"I started the diet on February 21.  Saw instant results, reduced back pain, sleeping better, more energy, less gas, reduce bloat.  Oh yes, getting close to 30 pounds off." 



"I’m feeling well!!! Have lost about 13 lbs and feeling better. Overall a very positive experience!" 



“I had pretty much given up on ever feeling better after having 3 kids. Then I met Noel. The nutrition application with ATS is a must, even if you are signing up for an exterior ailment, the nutrition eval really starts the process of getting healthy from the inside.”


Functional Nutrition Team

Dr. Mathew Wilding is a chiropractor with post graduate education in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Neurology, Neuro-orthopedic Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and functional medicine.  He is currently integrating manual therapies for musculoskeletal conditions with functional medicine, and dietary strategies. Read more here.

Noel Smith is an I.S.S.A certified nutritionist and the Functional Nutrition Assistant to Dr. Wilding. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Nutrition at Bridgeport University. She is also a certified laser therapist.

Read more about Noel here.

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