Knee and Hip Pain

Lily, Hip Pain Gone

"Lily was having pain in her hips from Monday and after working with Hallie it was completely gone. Lily was amazed how well it worked!! I’m loving the pod treatments too!!!"

Liz, Chronic Knee Pain Gone From Using The Whole Body Pod

"I've had chronic knee pain for a while since playing sports hard in high school. Since I started using the pod twice a week, I haven't had any knee pain, not even with pressure changes from weather!"

KB, Knee Fracture Pain Gone From Using Whole Body Pod

"I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my knee. It was extremely painful to walk on and my doctor suggested that I stay off of it completely. I felt it tingling every time I did whole body treatments and slightly less pain after each one. After 2 1/2 weeks of whole body with only one laser treatment, my knee never hurt again. A stress fracture completely healed in 2 1/2 weeks and I was walking and running on it with no pain during the 3rd week!"

Kevin, Torn Meniscus 

"I had knee surgery in April 2019 for a torn meniscus and had a lot of pain after the procedure was completed. Two different people highly recommended that I give Advantage Therapy Solutions a try because they had experienced decreased inflammation and reduced pain after laser light therapy sessions. Nothing else was working not even prescription pain medication hydrocodone. I have completed 2 months of focused therapy by the most wonderful and friendly group of professionals who recommended a joint supplement and today I can honestly say I have experienced dramatic improvement. I was very skeptical at first but was willing to try anything and I will say it works."

Bruce, Post Hip Replacement, Now Walking Faster With Better Posture, Less Pain

"I am 65 years old, and in November 2016 I had hip replacement surgery. Even though I had a great recovery, within the last 6 months I started to feel muscles in the hip area tighten up, and it was harder to physically work, and I had low energy. After 2 weeks of light therapy, I had greater range of motion and less pain in the muscle area. I am now walking with better posture and at a much faster pace. I have also gained better range of motion in my shoulders and arms. I have also noticed that I have a lot more stamina. This therapy is something that I will continue to do for my physical health for the rest of my life."

Terry, Healed Quickly From Hip Replacement Surgery Thanks To Treatments Pre and Post Op

"My first experience with light therapy was direct treatments to the hip area prior to hip replacement surgery. I had three treatments and then went into surgery the following week. Surgery went very well and I followed up with more treatments. 


I as well as the doctor and home care nurse were very impressed with how quickly I healed."

Stephanie, Reduced Hip Pain and Increased Range Of Motion

"I have had hip problems for the last six months. I have been to multiple doctors and specialists. There was nothing found as the root of the problem. I had very limited movement when I started treatment. After several visits, I have increased range of motion and reduced pain."

Scott, Advocates for veterans to receive treatments through the VA

"I had pain from a torn meniscus. After one treatment my results lasted for weeks. After a full treatment plan, I have no knee pain! I now advocate for photobiomodulation therapy to be accessible to veterans for various injuries and illnesses."

Vickie, Knee Pain reduced in less than 6 weeks


Knee pain was keeping me from doing everyday tasks but I wasn't a candidate for knee replacement surgery. In less than 6 weeks I went from struggling to exercise to pain-free! My activity level has increased and I can enjoy life again!”

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