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handheld laser treatments

What could you do if your symptoms improved? Laser therapy can help you get there!

Handheld laser therapy treatment is a non-invasive treatment that provides natural pain relief and inflammation reduction, performed by a certified laser therapist.


















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laser therapy team

Noel Smith is passionate about helping others to find joy in a healthy and active lifestyle and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Nutrition from Bridgeport University. She earned her laser therapy certification from Thor Photomedicine. Noel is also part of our Functional Nutrition team. Read more HERE.

Elizabeth Proctor is earned her laser therapy certification through Thor Photomedicine. She is currently in the DPT program at ECU. She is most excited about how her training and growth here will translate into her future career as a physical therapist. Read more HERE.

Erika McKee earned both her Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Marist College in New York. She earned her laser therapy certification through Thor Photomedicine. She thoroughly enjoys seeing her patients benefit from less inflammation and pain. Read more HERE.

Cheyenne Huffines attended ECU and graduated with a B.S. in Biology, a B.A. in Chemistry.  Cheyenne is a scientist at heart and has an overwhelming curiosity concerning how biochemical systems operate. She earned her laser therapy certification through Thor Photomedicine. Read more HERE.

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Patient Testimonials

"I had knee surgery in April 2019 for a torn meniscus and had a lot of pain after the procedure was completed. Two different people highly recommended that I give Advantage Therapy Solutions a try because they had experienced decreased inflammation and reduced pain after laser light therapy sessions. Nothing else was working not even prescription pain medication hydrocodone. I have completed 2 months of focused therapy by the most wonderful and friendly group of professionals who recommended a joint supplement and today I can honestly say I have experienced dramatic improvement. I was very skeptical at first but was willing to try anything and I will say it works."

-Kevin W

"My daughter has had pain in her ankle for over a year! It would come and go, but it hurt most of the time. We went as far to have an x-ray taken, but there wasn't anything the doctors could do for her other than tell her to stretch it out. After two weeks of being treated with the hand held laser device, her ankle doesn't hurt any more. In fact, it hasn't hurt in over a month and a half, which is longer than she's ever gone before. We are so thankful for the healing that has taken place in such a low risk manner!


-Lesli G

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