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Chronic bloating, stomach pain, and fatigue after every meal...sound familiar? If so, you may need food sensitivity testing.


When you go to the allergist to get tested for food or environmental allergies, they typically test to determine if you have a single immunoglobulin response foods and environmental allergens. Cyrex food antibody panels test for both IGG and IGA immune responses, giving a more comprehensive result. 

Benefits of cutting out your trigger foods include decreased digestive symptoms and increased energy!

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*Example of test results

Patient Testimonial

"After years of battling ulcerative colitis that ultimately ended up in surgery and an ostomy in my mid-20s, I discovered Advantage Therapy Solutions. They spent extensive time with me getting to the bottom of what was happening in my body and why. I learned things about my health that I didn’t know before- which allowed me to take control! I have more control of my body and mind. I’m a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, colleague and leader. I’ve even opened my own Wellness business because of this experience! Noel guided me through the process and provided me tangible steps for success. My only regret is that I didn’t meet this team sooner! They’ve changed my life and I’m so grateful."


Functional nutrition team

Dr. Mathew Wilding is a chiropractor with post graduate education in Clinical Nutrition, Functional Neurology, Neuro-orthopedic Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and functional medicine.  He is currently integrating manual therapies for musculoskeletal conditions with functional medicine, and dietary strategies. Read more here.

Noel Smith is an I.S.S.A certified nutritionist and the Functional Nutrition Assistant to Dr. Wilding. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Nutrition at Bridgeport University. She is also a certified laser therapist.

Read more about Noel here.

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